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A Company Is Known By The People It Keeps, businesspundit - "Knowledge work should not be modeled after manufacturing work.


I like to believe that we are doing something relevant to help people in business now, and at the same time developing new ideas that will help them in the future.


Let's waste some time! is a previous post I wrote about why we need to be open to new ideas. When you're doing research, you want to discover something new, which is impossible if you're attached to thinking that you already know the answers.


Since ideas are everywhere, both inside and outside of your organization, there is an immediate, urgent need for new tools that can harness ideas, concepts, information on the group level.


We've updated the site to a new, 3-column look. Please drop by and let us know how you like it! We'll be back with some regular posts soon - check your feed later today.


True story: I received a phone call from a marketing manager who works at a large engineering business that is headquarted in the US but has offices in NYC where several of upper management work.


I have dreams of the future based on the Future of Work by Thomas Malone.  Now, I work in a Corporation, I’m a peon, I'm here for now but I am planning my exodus - (finding


Dan Gillmor has a short remark about Corporate Heads In the Sand based on Tom Friedman's story in the NYT, "