I gotta get me one of them there Subarus!

Okay, this isn't necessarily about innovation, although it could be.  I just have to blog this story.  My friend, who lives out in Colorado, just told me a story that gives me faith in a product/company.  Her husband was taking the kids skiing, and on the way his car "died".  He had to get towed and it was a big hassle, dealing with 2 small kids who really wanted to go skiing and all, of course.  Mechanic calls and apparently he needs to replace the engine, preliminary estimates are between $4-$6k.  But WAIT!  it just so happens the "Subaru guy" happened to be at the shop that day and heard

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The Creative Class

Dwelve 2005: A Participatory, Online Journey by Evelyn Rodriguez at Crossroads Dispatches offers an invitation to participate in an online experiment being conducted over the next month. She is starting a journey of the creative process and wants you to join her. "To astound the world, you must sink into creativity as a heroic act." come up with your own breakthrough ideas.

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How an idea, a turkey, a pump, made sales bounce.

How an idea, a turkey, a pump, made sales bounce

I read a great article on Technology
recently, about Spaldings sporting-goods division:
Idea with Bounce
" by Jeremy B. Dann. He tells the story
of how an employee, Dan Touhey got the idea for "putting a miniaturized
pump that would reside inside the ball when not in use."

Creativity and Innovation on the Web

In his post “how to be creative” Dave Pollard (How to Save the World) hits the nail on the head in describing creativity. He also goes a step further, separating out creativity from innovation. “What is creativity? It's not the same as innovation.

Tagging, Folksonomy Catching On

Tagging, Folksonomy Catching On

Wired has an interesting article on tagging or folksonomy that jibes with what users of Ideascape have been doing for some time now. So, we have decided to flip on a partial view of external tagging, so folks can see how it works in Ideascape. You can also register for free to see the flip side on internal tagging.

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Fun, Work, Innovate

One of the best ways to energize people is to engage them in fun. Laughing
helps arteries and boosts blood flow
"Laughing appears
to be almost as beneficial as a workout in boosting the health of blood vessels,
a new study suggests." So go visit Bernie
DeKoven's FunLog, Dr. Fun
and learn something new about
having fun.


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