The Silver Lining in Layoffs and Job Losses

Being unemployed is painful.

If there is a silver lining, the large-scale downsizing from major companies will release a lot of new entrepreneurial talent and ideas — scientists, engineers, business folks will be looking to do other things. There will be a lot of forced entrepreneurship that will lead to innovations and new markets.

What's your idea? We're interested in partnering with individuals or groups on projects that require internet applications. 

A crisis, like losing your job,  changes the dynamics of things. It’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.

Tools For Crowdsourcing, Consumer Recommendations and Predictions

We use Drupal, an open-source web application framework, to build out socially interactive sites.

"The best recommendation tools perform a balancing act: They connect to consumers' sense of individuality as well as their group identification. Similarly, the tools must come up with recommendations that stretch horizons with suggestions that are new and a bit surprising, yet not off-putting. Recommendation approaches vary in how much access to the "long tail" of niche or obscure products they provide. Most recommendation engines offer a balance of the familiar and the unexplored."

Unprepared for business disruption?

Does your website meet your customers growing demands and expectations?

''Nearly two-thirds of respondents [CIO's] say their organizations are at risk from information- and technology-based disruption. Ranking highest among disruptive forces are potential shifts in customer expectations for better products or differentiated services enabled by information- and technology-based capabilities. Pressures may be arising from widespread use and acceptance of emerging products and services.

Social Media: 

Web 2.0 and Social Networking Behind The Firewall

The business world is adopting web 2.0, social software to meet internal demands.

"The whole Web 2.0 explosion has moved from the consumer and college student world to professionals in the business world," says Amy Shuen, author of Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide. (O'Reilly Media, 2008). "Employees are seeing this as a way of enlarging their sphere and interacting with colleagues." The following links are from a CW article, "The new employee connection: Social networking behind the firewall.

Death Sells

That's right. Death sells.

There is a definitive link between death and consumer behavior according to a study by Professor Naomi Mandel and co-author, Dirk Smeesters of the Rotterdam School of Management.

"Eat, Drink and Go Shopping: Why Thoughts of Death Whet Consumers' Appetite for Stuff", from knowledge at Wharton.

"The paper explores several aspects of human psychology, but its principal finding is simple enough: When humans think about death, they tend to binge.

Web 2.0 And How To Sabotage A Business

CIA explains how to destroy a business. Ha. Bankers know this too.

Thanks to David Weinberger for his post on the enterprise 2.0 conference.

Dave... "At the Enterprise 2.0 conference (which I didn't attend), Don Burke and Sean Dennehey from the CIA gave a talk on Intellipedia, the CIA's internal wikipedia. As part of their talk, they cited a manual, including, I'm told, this from page 28:

Social Media: 

Web 2.0, Communites, and Business Processes

The original ideas behind web 2.0 communities were about openness and abundance.

The ability for members to freely exchange information. Most CMO's and business managers rely on web analytics - they look at quantitative data - to make decisions. CMO's should be changing their thinking about value. Rarely do they have a feel for the qualitative information. You know, the kind you would get from actively participating in a community or talking to customers. Ohhhhhhhh messy. Too time consuming.

A central web 2.0 principle

Ahhhhh, the old 80/20 rule applies to social and community sites.

Students at LIAFA University in Paris partnered with a team at Orange Labs to analyze Flickr (a web 2.0 application) using data from 2006. They produced this paper.


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