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I've been in hibernation for a decade (out of IT) and that was the first geek meet-up i've been to in so much time... The only expectations I had were to meet the cool folks that showed up. I got there early, so I hung out and people watched.


The guys over at Influx have a good piece on open innovation and getting the customer involved. It is a two-part series packed with great ideas.


WOW! Kathy from headrush is on a roll. She has a post on "Context matters". ..."Context plays a more fundamental role for Asians than for westerners.


What's killing us: smoking, drinking, diet, stress and lack of exercise has not changed for decades.


Science Wants to Be Free from Technology Review (MIT) "Publicly funded research belongs in the public domain, says Michael Eisen, a computational biologist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labo


More on the fundamentals of being a better manager/person in business.


Enterprise Blogs - Enterprise Blogs are a collection of blogs that are tied together using a shared content repository.


If you don't read Dave Pollard, you should. I really admire his exhaustive work on trying to make the world a better place. So Dave, I have a little extra time and software that I want to contribute to one of your ideas. Lemme know...


Long before a couple of bloggers were feeding us bs; journalists, advertisers, experts and politicians were doing a mighty fine job of feeding us innumerative bs.