Business Technology Trends to Watch

Many of these business trends and processes can be implemented using web 2.0 technologies and social software applications.

"Eight business technology trends to watch", from Mckinsey Quarterly

Eight emerging trends are transforming many markets and businesses. Executives should learn to shape the outcome rather than just react to it.

Managing relationships

1. Distributing cocreation

The Internet and related technologies give companies radical new ways to harvest the talents of innovators working outside corporate boundaries.

Learning Social Information Management

How-to video on and social bookmarking.

I've been using (social bookmarking site) for the last three years to bookmark and share what I find interesting on the net. Also, I use it as my primary search tool. Google/Yahoo are great for the generic stuff but for the meaningful stuff I use Why? Easy, most of the bookmarks to web pages are intelligently filtered, noted, and tagged. Plus, I can find and make connections with others.

What do we call personal information management when it moves into shared online spaces?

The net is getting smarter... Things change fast these days... Knowledge, deep smarts, information, data are everywhere... So, people who have the ability, all of us, to imagine and connect dots will thrive.

Not so fast. I often times get caught up in what I know about social networking and information management - the curse of knowledge. I assume that most people are familiar with the ideas of social information management. They aren't.

Anyway, I came across a blog post (from the blogroll - an rss agregator), by Jon Udell, "Social Information Management".

Harnessing Innovation Using "The Global Brain".

Companies are reaching beyond their R&D labs to tap individuals and organizations outside their corporate boundaries.

Here's a how-to book on using the wisdom of crowds or "the global brain" to harness creativity and innovation. I haven't read it but the amount of academic research has florished the last two yeas so this new book probably has some new ideas for business development managers.

"Want to Create Innovative Products? Tap into the 'Global Brain'" [reg req]

Published: November 29, 2007 in India Knowledge@Wharton

Younger Generations Use Technology Differently

Not only do younger generations perceive technology differently from their elders, but they use it differently, too.

Younger generations [future customers and employees] rarely notice the technology in the devices they use. Baby boomers raised in the 1960s only saw the programming and didn't think much, if at all, about the technology and infrastructure that brought them Bonanza, The Ed Sullivan Show and Laugh-In.
Not only do younger generations perceive technology differently from their elders, including the CIOs and other executives who manage IT organizations and corporations, but they use it differently, too.

Social Networking for Business

There are clear signs that momentum is building for an enterprise implementation of social networks as tools to improve internal communication and to deepen customer relationships. Managers might consider Drupal for the job.

"The growing number of companies offering private-label social network solutions, as well as IBM's recent entry into the field with its Lotus Connections social software platform for business, is a sure sign of increased demand. Other companies, like LinkedIn and Ryze, have social networking at the core of product offerings that generate revenue by bringing offline business networking practices into the online world. And corporations are continuing to incorporate advertising on affinity networks in their campaigns to reach highly targeted audiences with measurable response rates.

Corporate Blogging

Blogs - Drupal social networking applications and community software solutions - are moving from the social realm to the corporate world.

But companies aren't replicating the free-flowing exchange that has been a hallmark of the broader blogosphere. Rather, companies are trying to harness that freedom and conform it to business needs, with forward-thinking companies using strategic planning and formal policies to shape the use of blogs and other Web 2.0 tools to drive more communication and collaboration among workers.

Bringing on the blogs

Innovative Management is Enterprise 2.0

What does it take for business development managers to wake up to enterprise 2.0? On the tecnology side, managers might consider looking at Drupal, an open-soucre web application framework, to build web 2.0 apps.

Over the last few years, management gurus Malone, Hagel, and now Hamel have published books on innovative management and new technologies - social network tools and community software applications. Here's a taste of what Gary Hamel has to say...

"Innovative management: A conversation with Gary Hamel, from Mckinsey quarterly (reg req).

Consumer IT Delivering Corporate Productivity

Why is it that businesses, especially business development managers, have been slow to adopt many of the new social networking applications (consumer IT). We use Drupal, an open-source web application framework to make web 2.0 apps.
  1. Better Customer Relationships,
  2. Improves Knowledge Management,
  3. Facilitates Recruiting and Retention,
  4. Increases Business Opportunities,
  5. Builds Community.

I finally get it - this stuff is too simple. What do you think?

The Power of Social Media

Social media is redefining the way people and companies around the world communicate with one another by dissolving geographical and cultural boundaries. We use Drupal to make social apps for the web.

" Akanksha Goel, newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of Stuff Singapore -- a gadgets and technology lifestyle publication launched in the UK five years ago -- is a final-year marketing and corporate communication student at Singapore Management University. Goel, who also helped organise Asia's first PodCamp held at the university recently, talked to Knowledge@SMU about how social media compels us to rethink culture, and why companies should take advantage of these new channels to grow their businesses."


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