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"A NEW fad is sweeping across Silicon Valley, causing excitement, confusion and hyperbole not seen since the dotcom bubble.


Nice, this is one of the reasons, internal email spam, why organizations are starting to use social software applications. "e-mail of the species deadlier than the mail?" - from confused in calcutta.


"Does college matter?", from Kathy Sierra. This is one of Kathy's older post, July 14, 2005.


"McAfee said he first realized the potential of Web 2.0 technologies to become an Enterprise 2.0 platform while studying more traditional corporate software applications including ERP, BPM, supply chain management and customer relationship management (CRM).


This idea has been around for some time. I first read about it in, "small pieces loosely joined", by Dave Weinberger (one of the authors of the cluetrain).


With business social networking software - managers and employees now have a system for connecting informal interactions and discovering new information flows.


As the need for knowledge workers increases, hopefully, business development managers will consider these innovative management ideas along with the new web 2.0 technologies (social networks and community applications) to implement them.