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"One of us is smarter than all of us - Kathy Sierra, You've heard the saying "none of us is as smart as all of us", and you've felt the pressure. A group of individuals working together as a team can do better work, reach better decisions, etc. After all, two..." [creating passionate users]

Kathy continues... "Given how much I can't stand (with a passion) that idea, I almost skipped the keynote talk by James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom of Crowds. And that would have sucked. Because what he said was amazing, and I had his perspective (mostly) wrong.

"The wisdom of crowds comes not from the consensus decision of the group, but from the aggregation of the ideas/thoughts/decisions of each individual in the group."

Imagine this scenario, you have a gigantic learning and development environment in your organization. ...Zooming in on individual ideas (internal and external discussions in blogs) using tags that are described in your own words to instantly find those ideas you're seeking. Conversely, zooming out to get a bigger picture or aggregation of the popular interest (see Popular Tags box on the left) in casually tagged, but related ideas and information. You can see this in action at or technorati.

So, if you wanted ideas and information from individuals or a consensus from a crowd, your environment would have all you need to brainstorm, sketch, and develop ideas across the organization that would move people to action.