"Objective: Replace Retirees"

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Replacing retirees and recruiting new talent will impact every business as well as every government agency. I wonder what these organizations are using to capture the deep smarts of retirees? Although they are probably not looking at social network software - they should be!

"Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration"

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Interesting piece from MIT Sloan about enterprise social networking software. I suppose the uptick or rate of adoption for businesses will accelerate in 2006 and 2007. LOL We've been spouting off about corporate social software, web 2.0 stuff for over three years to businesses that remain clueless. Of course, it's great to see Mr. McAfee introduce and explain Enterprise 2.0 (social-software, web-2.0) concepts in terms, hopefully, managers will GET.

Teaching, Training plus Web 2.0 and Social Software

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Web 2.0: A New Wave of Innovation for Teaching and Learning? by Bryan Alexander

Mr. Alexander pens a good web 2.0 primer for an educator in any organization, including business. But, he concedes rightfully so, ..."this movement deems continuous improvement to be a hallmark of such projects."

Web 2.0 Managers

"Manager 2.0", by Kathy Sierra from headrush. Interesting how Kathy's management ideas overlap with the contrarian management ideas of John Hagel,

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Tagging for Aboutness

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Dave Weinberger, Me on Tagging on All Things Considered

NPR's "All Things Considered" last night ran a three minute commentary of mine on tagging. You can hear it here, thanks to Michael Shook. [Later: Here's NPR's own version.]

Here's a near-transcript:

Connect and Collaborate with Web 2.0

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Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, "The Internet is the most underutilized advertising medium out there". Mary will be one of the speakers at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco this Oct.

Web 2.0 at work!

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social web applicationsErin Bradley - Search Views, has a story, "Cameraphone, Social Networking Nab Subway Flasher " that demostrates a good point about one of the many social network systems available today. As we all know, the cost of technology is always dropping and soon these multipurpose cameraphones will be in the hands of everyone.

Main Stream Media, Email, Dying

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I read a post this morning from Jeff Jarvis on main stream media (MSM) that fits into the bigger trend I am seeing taking shape on the net and fanning out to touch almost every part of our lives.

Comparing Enterprise Blog Software

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Note: Keep in mind that this information was published on 2005-08-05 - a lot has changed with what used to be called enterprise blogging software. These days, blogs, wikis, groups, forums, misc., are referred to as social software applications or web 2.0 technologies.

Enterprise Blogging and Services

What we've learned from the open-source movement is that people (employees, customers, suppliers, etc) want to contribute to endeavors of mutual benefit. Business development managers need to get their heads around these ideas and new technologies sooner than later.