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True story: I received a phone call from a marketing manager who works at a large engineering business that is headquarted in the US but has offices in NYC where several of upper management work. Nice guy, we had a great talk about social software - enterprise blogging mainly, and supporting services like technorati, furl, pubsub, et al. I shared with him some of the information I found from a search on technorati (mostly bad stuff). So, I mapped our methodology for implementing a large scale blogging system since the company employs 10k plus. The guy knew his stuff and was really impressed and could see the rich rewards of connecting all the employees, suppliers, et al. using an enterprise blogging system.  What happened next was startling.

He brought up our discussion to the VP in charge of corporate communications and another senior manager, where he learned that they've decided to use the "wait and see" approach to blogging.  When he said that he's been keeping his finger on the pulse of the blogosphere because things can get out of control, virulent quickly, they responded with, yes, that's the problem, there's no control over them.  Funny thing is, this company has a problem with employee attrition; so much so that in the past 2 years they have doubled the "finders fee" for anyone bringing in a new employee. 

Can you hear me now?

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These three posts have similar ideas in that they all have valuable insights to the way we individually perceive events, ideas, markets, people, etc. and what we can learn from them. The fact that we are able to receive so many ideas from so many sources requires us all to open our minds.

Take a bite!

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Funny how we all want to jump up and say that we are for change when deep inside we are all scared shitless of losing what we have or not getting want we want. Even businesses that are losing money, markets, people are too afraid to change. So businesses and people commit slow suicide and call it management.

Social Media

Social Software, Whatever?

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Danah Boyd writes, " I’ve been meaning to write a paper on The Significance of ‘Social Software for some time, but… In the meantime, i’ve written an abstract for public criticism."

"In this paper, I will explore the contributions of social software. I will argue that there have been notable technological advancements, but that their significance stems from the rapid iteration of development in ongoing tango with massive user participation. In other words, the advances of social software are neither cleanly social nor technological, but a product of both.

I will explicitly address three case studies central to the narrow scope of social software - Friendster, blogging and Flickr. I will discuss how tagging, audience management (such as ACLs) and articulated social networks are neither technological advances nor social features, but emerge as a product of collective action and network affects. While parts of these technologies have been built in research, the actual advances are impossible to construct in a laboratory due to the sociological effects necessary for maturation."

The "rapid iteration of development in ongoing tango with massive user participation" is right on target. She is opening her research to anyone that is interested and that wants to particpate. I bookmarked it and tagged it with socialsoftware and research on

What can businesses learn from this? From a marketing angle, check out the posts from Evelyn and Hugh.

Watch the Stories You Make Up About Your Customers Evelyn writes "Marketers are simply notorious for it: we segment, and slice and dice the population and make broad-ranging assumptions. We make up stories about sets of customer..."

make your customers the marketing department from hugh on gaping void is about what he and his partner sig believe. Sig: "Make the customer integral to the process, make the customer the central player in "The Flow"" and Hugh:  "Make your customers the marketing department."

It's a small world afterall

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From Co-Creation Trend 3: Control by Jennifer Rice from What's Your Brand Mantra? "There are millions of unpaid volunteers who want to help create products and content that they want to buy. Yes, it means relinquishing some control. But it also means an incredible amount of energy and momentum to the companies who are brave enough to work with it."

Changing Times

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Escapable Logic blog, Britt Blaser's post, The Packets Kept Flowing, " why the breathless amazement? The Economist's cover story last week broke the news that the Internet is now officially the vehicle for customer decision making:" "Media choice has exploded, and consumers select what they want from a far greater variety of sources–especially with a few clicks of a computer mouse. Thanks to the Internet, the consumer is finally seizing power."

The Power of Stories in Business.

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From an excerpt in Seth Godin's new book, All
Marketers Are Liars.
"This is a book about doing what
consumers demand, painting vivid pictures that they choose to believe. Every
organization …must understand that the rules have changed again."

Blog to the Future

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This matters. In CMO Magazine, Fred Hapgood, offers up a well-rounded artical, Blog to the Future. Nice that we are starting to see more uses and applications for blogs other than PR and marketing.

"Another is to encourage a wide range of employees to start blogs. Sun Microsystems has taken that road, and so far close to a thousand employees have accepted the company's invitation. One group of these blogs is tied directly to existing Sun products, such as Solaris or Java."