Community 2.0 - We are smarter than me

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Although the Wharton experiment is on "wisdom of crowds" ideas for business management, those same ideas (woc) have been rocking in oss communities for years. A simple look at (Registered Projects: 138,299, Registered Users: 1,474,747) will yield volumes of actionable insights about community development, management, and woc.

Promotion from Wharton Publishing

"We Are Smarter Than Me"

Amateurs on the net

From the NY Times...

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Social Media

Web 2.0 Reshaping Business

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Robin Good has an excellent video interview with Alan Moore about web2.0, social network software systems, communities, media, branding and much more. 

"Web 2.0 - How Networked Media Are Reshaping Business: Alan Moore - Video Interview

Web 2.0 is reshaping the media and business landscape to an extent unimaginable even a year ago.

"Myspace" The Movie and "The Long tail"

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The NYTimes has an interesting article, Hollywood Clicks on the Work of Web Auteurs.

As the title implies, Hollywood is trying to find leverage on the net. One recent "web auteur" hit was, "Myspace, The Movie".

IBM On Using Open Source Tools To Create Collaborative Sites

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This is a great endorsement from IBM on using open source collaborative tools to implement collaborative sites. We've been using them all, successfully, for the last few years to create social networks within organizations. I love it! For a small, niche consulting firm, Advancing Insights, IBM's endorsement validates what we've known and what we've been telling clients all along. "...the tools are powerful, they scale, and work better than vendor products costing tens of thousands of dollars".

"Conservative Innovation"

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"Conservative Innovation

Creating disruptions is fine. Mending them can be even better."

by Nicholas Carr

"Research by business scholars has shown that, when it comes to major innovations, the first movers rarely find the greatest success. They're usually outmaneuvered by the copycats' the companies that follow in the innovators footsteps but end up dominating the market because of their stronger managerial and marketing skills.