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The evolving effects of social software and social media phenomenon on business, owners, and employees.

Social Software and Social Media - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have changed the way individuals communicate in their personal life and increasingly in their business life.

Facebook Overtakes MySpace. eMarketer, 6/18/09
In May 2009, Facebook became the most popular US social networking site.
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Small Businesses Are Taking Tentative Steps Toward Online Networking. New York Times, 6/3/09
BY choice or necessity, successful small-business owners are earnest networkers. Online networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and newer niche sites can be instantaneous and far-reaching.
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Online Social Networking for Business: An Interview with Konstantin Guericke, Marketing VP, LinkedIn. Information Today, 5/20/09
Online social networking is a hot topic in Internet circles. These online communities claim to create networks of friends and business colleagues based on referrals from other friends and colleagues. They connect people based on who those people know rather than who they are.
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Social Networks Rescue Downsized Workers. PCWorld, 5/7/09
When you're looking for work, making the rounds at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn makes a difference. Real people share their social networking success stories.
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More marketers are counting on social networks. San Francisco Chronicle, 5/3/09
The Domino's YouTube incident last month provided a vivid example of why businesses and marketing experts are increasingly turning to the popular and fast-moving social networks.
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Firms Seek Profit in Twitter's Chatter. Wall Street Journal, 3/26/09
In the three years since its launch, the messaging service Twitter has attracted millions of users, but its fast growth hasn't translated into significant revenue.
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Recession lifts social networking site LinkedIn. Fortune, 3/24/09
With more job seekers on the prowl, LinkedIn's traffic has doubled and its multiple revenue streams have turned into profit. Take that, Facebook and Twitter.
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Social networking for business-plan less for less pain. Network World, 2/24/09
Productivity loss, information leakage, and defamation of fellow employees are all enough to get us fired from our jobs, unless, of course, it is done under the guise of a social network for the enterprise 2.0.
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Forrester: Social networking will be biggest enterprise 2.0 priority by 2013. ZD/Net, 4/21/08
Enterprise 2.0 will become a $4.6 billion industry by 2013 and social networking tools will garner the bulk of the money, according to a report by Forrester Research.
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