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Cruising Web 2.0

Killer Maps By Wade Roush - MIT Technology Review

The mapping revolution could, in short, change the way we think of the World Wide Web. We've long spoken of the Web as if it were a place--with "sites" that we "go to"--but as places go, it's been a rather abstract, disembodied one. Now that's changing. Geotagging means the Web is slowly being wedded with real space, enhancing physical places with information that can deepen our experiences of them and making computing into a more "continuous" part of our real lives (see "Social Machines," August 2005).

For example, users of smart phones and wireless PDAs with location technologies such as Global Positioning System chips may soon be able to automatically retrieve stories, photos, videos, or historical accounts related to their current locations, along with ads and listings for nearby shopping, dining, entertainment, and business outlets.

The bottom line -if your business site is not web 2.0 (social software) ready and your offerings tagged - you're missing out big time. Seth Godin, writes about "Abundance and the TBR".

Abundance means that you spend a lot of time imagining how you will overdeliver.

TBR means you start from the beginning making sure that the work you do will either meet spec or you'll have a really good excuse.

I think what it comes down to is the first question you ask yourself when you see an opportunity or a challenge.

Is it, "How can I make this bigger, do it faster and change the outcome for all of us?"
or is it "If this doesn't work, will I get in trouble or will I be okay?"

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