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"Dawn Of The Idea Czar"

From Business Week, "Dawn Of The Idea Czar - When the 'I' in CIO is for innovation, the post should go to a jack-of-all-trades."

"A thirst for internal growth across Corporate America has made innovation a critical management mandate. As a result, the initials " CIO" have increasingly begun to refer not to chief information officers but to yet another C-suite label, the chief innovation officer. That and similar titles, such as vice-president of innovation, are popping up in companies from Citigroup to Coca-Cola to health insurer Humana. Titles of this magnitude send a clear message to the organization: Innovation is an urgent priority and someone should be accountable for it. Most of the large executive search firms are reporting a dramatic uptick in requests for such people. Heidrick & Struggles International Inc.'s Jane M. Stevenson, who heads the firm's global search practice for chief marketing officers, says she has seen a fourfold increase in these positions in the last three years, with most of that growth coming in the last 18 months."

As we roll-out social networking software systems to the enterprise, new postions are being created - infomediaries and tagologists. They use tags to connect people to ideas and information across the organization in ways that were just not possible before.

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