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Maximizing Drupal SEO - Use your Drupal site to implement Social media to improve search results.
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Effective Drupal SEO and SEM demands a lot of effort. Here is an on-going list of ideas that will help improve your Drupal SEO and online marketing by driving more traffic and conversions for your Drupal site and social ecommerce site. To begin with, there are several contributed Drupal modules to consider for SEO, they are:

Drupal SEO Modules

  • path
  • pathauto
  • meta_tags (nodewords)
  • nodewords_bypath
  • xmlsitemaps
  • pagatitle
  • global_redirect
  • path_redirect
  • menu_attributes
  • google_analytics

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Also, in your Drupal install don't forget the Drupal taxonomy module. The taxonomy module is great for any site, especially ones that have a lot of content and require a high level of information architecture.


Drupal SEO

Additional resources: The Druapl SEO checklist module, "This module provides a checklist of good Drupal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices. " Drupal ..."

Drupal SEO do's and don'ts plus mistakes directly from Drupal site owners/developers. 

If you're really serious about taking your Drupal SEO to the next level, get a subscription to SEOmoz. It is, ..."the most popular provider of SEO software. Our easy to use tools and tutorials make search engine optimization accessible to everyone."

MarketingProfs (lots of great stuff, videos, podcasts, weekly seminars, great content all around for online marketing, which is what seo is all about). One of my fav online seminars on marketingprofs was, "Monetizing the Long Tail of Search: Rethink Your Keyword Strategy", by Avinash Kaushik, blogger (Occam's Razor), author (Web Analytics 2.0 ), and The Analytics Evangelist for Google.

“6 SEO Fundamentals that Every Business with a Website Should Know” offers some great tips for optimizing your site for search engines, and also refers to some free tools to help you track how your site is doing.

Our Drupal SEO services include installing and configuring all of the above Drupal modules as well as On-Page Optimization and testing. There are additional Drupal modules for influencing searchers using social media. Give me a call, 973.433.4007 if you need Drupal SEO help.

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Also, there are a number of theme functions and over-rides that use Drupals taxonomy module system and breadcrumb trails to further optimize search results. This is great for Drupal social ecommerce websites because category terms are indexed by all of the search engines. So, take great care with your IA setup and taxonomies and make sure you Drupal SEO efforts are getting what they deserve.

Drupal SEO - Social Media Search - Real-Time Search - Online Marketing

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I snagged this graphic form readwriteweb. They have a great post about, Google's New Social Search Is A Big Chess Move Against Facebook.

One of the beauties of Drupal is that I can add social media features/functions to improve search results. Read this about social media impact on searchers. A lot of social media happens in real-time, think twitter. This changes search. Google can and does display real-time tweets if you are using Firefox with a special script. Also, there is Wowd, a new real-time search company (PDF) that provides tools to help people find and discover popular content across the web. Anyway, social media is something to consider in your Drupal or CMS website if you want to improve your search results.

Update - Google and Microsoft are both in deals with Twitter for real-time search.

"How High Will Real-Time Search Fly?" from the NY Times. Does this mean keyword search is dead? No. But it has changed. Consider, Canadian searches on Google properties increased 1% from August to September, according to Experian Hitwise's latest report on search in Canada. Longer searches are on the rise, with search queries of 8+ words increasing 3% month over month.

Organic Search - Content is king - Drupal SEO.

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If a tree falls in a forest... You may have the best content on the Net, but if people can't find it, it may as well not exist. Our SEO services and website development content can improve the searchabillity of your content, leading to increased hits to your Drupal site.

We provide website content development and writing services (free - yahoo style guide) to improve your content and keywords. Additionally, we take care of all of the necessary Drupal modules, especially taxonomy module, as well as setting up Drupal theme functions and accounts on the major search engines. In addition, we'll make your information more actionable (sociability) so that is gets placed on 3rd party services such as twitter, facebook, etc. Note: the website content developmentand writing services are provided by a third party service. They have assisted me on several other Drupal projects and have experience working with website content development.  See also, Drupal Workflow.

Great Drupal SEO and Online Marketing Resources

Also from the NYTimes...

Quick Tips for Paid Search:

  • Set a budget, a daily or monthly amount you're willing to spend.
  • Begin by casting a narrow net, advertising in your local market and then expanding to additional markets like Google's AdSense network.
  • Try to choose keyword terms that your competition has overlooked to keep per-word costs low.
  • Remember that good campaigns require constant adjustment.

Suggested Readings and Resources About Google Adsense:

Social Media: