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What we've learned from the open-source movement is that people (employees, customers, suppliers, etc) want to contribute to endeavors of mutual benefit. Business development managers need to get their heads around these ideas and new technologies sooner than later.

Demo application for enterprise blogging (one for each employee) and digital publishing on the net that we install, maintain, and support on your servers (requires LAMP - linux, apache, mysql, & php) or ours. definitions of acronyms: rss, blogs, social software, tagging. folksonomy, etc.

Note: Since this platform has fine-grained permissions (roles) and security (SSL) - users are able to create content that is available both publicly and privately.

Why use Advancing Insights?

  1. Consider your purpose. Ours is to create and implement cooperative strategies using an innovation platform, Social Networking Applications and Community Software, to support organizational performance.
  2. Technical - The technical part is not terribly difficult if you know some php, mysql, and css. The real challenge is in the purpose, hence, the focus on implementation and deployment.
  3. Time! Support, follow-up, feedback, maintenance.We know what we're doing in complex, messy environments and how to tie them to business and individual goals! You?
  4. We operate as a team, technical and managerial, that knows how to implement, train, and support from five or ten users, to thousands of them. Training is not simply limited to learning about blogs, rss, etc., but encompasses the changing of behaviors so people know how to think differently to achieve meaningful business results.

The phenomenon - Ideascaping internal and external social networks connects people to performance.

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Give us a call, 973.433.4007, to learn how corporate social networking applications and community solutions can help your business become more profitable.

Story board from Dave Pollard's How to Save the World project.

How long do you wait to act responsibly before someone tells you, under harsher conditions, that what you are doing doesn't work anymore?

Advancing Insights' services and tools connect employee wisdom with shared business goals to create, innovate, and adapt offerings, processes, and skills, which prevents lost opportunities and the loss of talented people to better-positioned, more-interesting organizations.

Enterprise social software - Businesses use it as a tool to improve:

  1. invention, creation, and innovation of offerings and processes,
  2. replace most e-mail
  3. internal markets for resource allocation,
  4. recruiting, retaining, and educating employees
  5. decision-making,
  6. productivity - easier for individuals to work together across the org and with customers, suppliers, each other etc.
  7. accountability - tying individual activities to organizational performance
  8. morale, shared goals
  9. capturing the fuzziness of ideas, both inside and outside the org,

Start thinking: connectedness, aboutness, meaning, wellness, aliveness, and context to really understand what we're trying to get at. Why?

Modern Marketing

"Tags are one of the more subtle - albeit massively disruptive - elements of Internet 2.0 or social software." If you have not read their manifesto on "What is Open Source Marketing?" - now is the time since all organization need marketing.

Tag mania sweeps the Web - Jon Udell - Infoworld

"Is this a fad or a real breakthrough in information management? I say both. Tagging has attained the elusive cachet of coolness. New taggers feel an initial thrill of empowerment. Venture capitalists, sensing the buzz, are looking to amplify it."

Ellen Finkelstein writes passionately about Knowledge Management With Blogs and RSS

I'm appalled at the current state of document and knowledge management in many organizations today. E-mail is the most commonly used system's and of course, it doesn't work at all. People who aren't on the e-mail's TO list don't get the e-mail and don't know what's happening. E-mails are bandied about discussing several versions of policies or documents, and a week later, no one knows which e-mail includes the final version. Employees who enter the organization even one day later, have no idea what the policies or decisions are, and no way to find out, except by word of mouth which is extremely unreliable.

Social networking applications gives individual users the power to tag internal and external objects while capturing the wisdom of emergent group minds inside and outside of the organization.


  • Inter-connected, scalable blogging tools/services,
  • Implementation consulting services,
  • A methodology to make the whole process of getting up to speed hassle free,
  • Internal and external blogging policies,
  • Training and education on blogs, forums, wikis, podcasting, RSS, tagging, bookmarking, and what it really means to Ideascape the blogosphere or your internal social network to get meaningful results,
    • we teach the art of serendipitous discovery of ideas,
    • joining loose pieces of rich-information
    • the how-to's so employees can monitor what is being said in the blogosphere and what to do about it.
    • Strategies to set-up internal markets, including auctions, for resource allocation,
    • The how-to's of connecting daily work activities to organizational strategy,
    • Creation of specialized taxonomies/folksonomies, (tagging) systems, that make it easier to find, share, and discover new ideas and rich-information, both inside and outside of the organization,
  • Software customization,

Filtering services

We provide filtering services around what you're trying to get done since the quantity of ideas increases (some of the quality becomes subjective) as you move down the long tail and the readily available information about these ideas diminishes. In other words, we help you find exotic solutions to exotic problems.

Our social networking software platform provides:

  • advanced publishing of blogs, wikis, forums, podcasts,
  • enterprise blogging,
  • workflow and project management,
  • multi-threaded discussion capabilities within blogs, wikis, forums, group chat,
  • private messaging,
  • security,
  • trackbacks,
  • email importing - imported emails can be tagged and turned into posts and comments (threaded discussions) to stop the waste of great ideas
  • ability to identify an implicit community of interest and tap into its emergent group mind on del.icio.us and other third party services with accuracy - making Ideascaping the long tail possible today.
  • user administration,
  • news aggregation on topic and keyword,
  • classify content into categories and subcategories; it allows multiple lists of categories for classification (controlled vocabularies) and offers the possibility of creating thesauri (controlled vocabularies that indicate the relationship of terms) and taxonomies (controlled vocabularies where relationships are indicated hierarchically). In other words, you can post once and have it appear across multiple categories,
  • user tagged - folksonomies (internal and external) with links to 3rd party services (del.icio.us, technorati, flickr, et al),
  • XML/RSS publishing for content sharing purposes,
  • Granular permissions on all posts for view/edit/change,
  • revision control with rollback,
  • workflow and project management,
  • Services and applications can support a diverse range of projects, from simple blogs and wikis to large community-driven meeting places with hundreds of blogs and e-commerce.

We are Ideascaping because:

  1. There is a blizzard of mind-boggling ideas, powerful stories, and fuzzy information, both inside and outside our business, that helps each one of us be a better person - Smarter, More Creative, and More Compassionate - Real Contributors.
  2. Not all of the Smart, Creative, and Compassionate people work here.
  3. To make the best use of internal and external ideas, stories, and information we are able to help more people. Besides, our solutions are not in the numbers - they are in people.