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Enterprise Blogging Platform

enterprise 2.0 social software mashupWe've set up an Enterprise 2.0 social web application...

Demo of social web application

Note - the demo has been updated so some of these functions have been changed] [In addition to the usual blogging stuff, we've activated a few social networking system functions:

  • Contact list (create informal groups or social networks) to maintain easy contact with community members,
  • Private messages,
  • Tasks (to-do lists) for easy collaboration,
  • Revision control,
  • Basic polls (advanced polling, surveying, and quizzes are available),
  • Profiles to make easy connections,
  • Advanced search.

Also, we've set up both structured categories and unstructured ones (free tagging). The system uses a basic user interface or theme.

Tracking, on individual profiles and posts, can be used to track user activity. In other words, use it to find out what others in the community are reading and writing.

We'll help you discover the purpose (connecting, creating, collaborating) of your community. Knowing the purpose determines how the system is configured, how it flows, and how well it succeeds.

Enterprise 2.0 Blogging/Social Networking Platform demo

Here are some tips from Dion Hinchcliffe, "Nine ideas for IT managers considering Enterprise 2.0,"

  1. It's about ease-of-use, first and foremost.
  2. Change requires motivation. Provide it.
  3. Emergent doesn't mean a blank slate.
  4. Discoverability isn't an afterthought, it's the core.
  5. It's OK to fear loss of control and misuse.
  6. Dynamic, effective advocates are a key enabler.
  7. The problems will be with the business culture, not the technology.
  8. Triggering an Enterprise 2.0 ecosystem quickly is likely an early activity driver.
  9. Allow the tools to access enterprise services."

You can find more ideas and information about enterprise social software and enterprise blogs searching through Advancing Insights blog or simply using the related tags or the related content links (on the right).

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