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Purpose Driven Social Network Software

Submitted by admin on Mon, 10/02/2006 - 15:54

Christopher Carfi, The Social Customer Manifesto, has pulled together ten good reasons why business development managers should consider using social network solutions and community software solutions. I've snagged the bullets but go a head and read his full post.

Collaboration Marketing

Submitted by admin on Wed, 09/27/2006 - 11:42

John Hagel has an excellent blog post, "Mastering New Marketing Practices".

He describes this new marketing approach, " - collaboration marketing and define it in terms of three - A's:

Knowledge Sharing - Cast a wide net

Submitted by admin on Mon, 09/25/2006 - 10:51

Knowledge Sharing - Cast a wide net.

As a business professional, you know that now, more than ever, knowledge sharing is becoming a crucial aspect of the business process. Having an open mind and casting a wide net yields the greatest results.  

Here's an interesting article, Selling Soup, from The NY Times. Go a head, read it.

"Myspace" The Movie and "The Long tail"

Submitted by admin on Sun, 07/23/2006 - 07:48

The NYTimes has an interesting article, Hollywood Clicks on the Work of Web Auteurs.

As the title implies, Hollywood is trying to find leverage on the net. One recent "web auteur" hit was, "Myspace, The Movie".

Connecting in a Complex World

Submitted by admin on Fri, 07/21/2006 - 08:47

"Supernova 2006: Connecting in a Complex World (reg req)

This year's Supernova -- a conference on emerging technologies co-sponsored by Wharton and held in San Francisco -- asked participants to consider the new "industry ecosystems" and technological innovations that are emerging in response to an increasingly connected world."

IBM On Using Open Source Tools To Create Collaborative Sites

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/20/2006 - 16:01

This is a great endorsement from IBM on using open source collaborative tools to implement collaborative sites. We've been using them all, successfully, for the last few years to create social networks within organizations. I love it! For a small, niche consulting firm, Advancing Insights, IBM's endorsement validates what we've known and what we've been telling clients all along. "...the tools are powerful, they scale, and work better than vendor products costing tens of thousands of dollars".