Innovative Management is Enterprise 2.0

What does it take for business development managers to wake up to enterprise 2.0? On the tecnology side, managers might consider looking at Drupal, an open-soucre web application framework, to build web 2.0 apps.

Over the last few years, management gurus Malone, Hagel, and now Hamel have published books on innovative management and new technologies - social network tools and community software applications. Here's a taste of what Gary Hamel has to say...

"Innovative management: A conversation with Gary Hamel, from Mckinsey quarterly (reg req).

Gary Hamel: The Internet is making it possible to amplify and aggregate human capabilities in ways never before possible. But most CEOs don't yet understand how dramatically these developments will change the way companies organize, lead, allocate resources, plan, hire, and motivate in other words, how new technology [social networking software] will change the work of managing."

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