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More SBP (*Standard Blog Procedure)

Thank you Scobleizer for the heads up on Blogging@IBM.

The caveat in IBM's guidelines re: don't forget your day job has validity, as employees do have jobs to perform, and we, as a company are cognizant of that. However, if a company has decided to employ blogging in it's business practice, they should also allow for time spent blogging and researching blog posts.

We don't add that caveat to our procedures; we prefer to write that blogging should take such and such percent of your time;  while you still need to perform the duties for which you were hired, we would like to incorporate blogging as part of them. Much like completing a report on your work or checking your email, we aim to have blogging incorporated into an employee's day. Some employees will be blogging about the project they're working on, for internal use only...kind of like "downloading" their brains on a regular basis.  Each installation is different, each company has their own preference, but we have that discussion from kickoff.  Of course, so far the only companies we work with already know the intrinsic value of blogging, so it hasn't been an issue.  Training employees is also vital to successful blogging implementation.  There is a lot more to it than companies realize at first.  We provide all the startup services required at Advancing Insights; from assistance with blogging policy to employee training. 

There is more info here SBP (*Standard Blog Procedure)

Let the [corporate] blogging begin!

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