social information management

Uncovering the madness of crowds...the flickrliscious effect on research labs

Submitted by admin on Thu, 03/31/2005 - 13:25

To grasp the meaning of tags (the almighty web link) we need to understand abstact feelings. Businesses don't go there, too scary. They need fewer  MBA's and more artists.  They need to get REAL PEOPLE - FAST!

Getting better ideas with folksonomy, tagging

Submitted by admin on Mon, 03/07/2005 - 16:23

Businesses would get better ideas if they used social web tools and social media to engage employees, customers, and partners on a free flowing and unconstrained tagging basis instead of a pre-defined hierarchy of words that define the way things are or should be according to the business.

Idea Management Across the Organization Made Easy!

Submitted by admin on Thu, 03/03/2005 - 10:28

Every business development manager or chief innovation office needs to be asking this question: How do you coordinate activities and cultivate people to get more and better ideas to improve your business? While every organization should design its Idea Management processes according to its own needs, certain characteristics are common to all idea management systems. Open source CMS Idea Management System.