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Uncovering the madness of crowds...the flickrliscious effect on research labs

To grasp the meaning of tags (the almighty web link) we need to understand abstact feelings. Businesses don't go there, too scary. They need fewer  MBA's and more artists.  They need to get REAL PEOPLE - FAST!

Uncovering the madness of crowds...the flickrliscious effect on research labs - Uncovering the madness of crowds

The flickrliscious effect on research labs. Tom Foremski visits HP Labs and concludes that the riches in digital consumer markets will be won by those that can spot the early signs of potentially large aggregate social behaviors. [silicon valley watcher]

"On the way home I wondered how HP Labs or other researchers, will be able to plan innovative consumer products if they cannot predict how people will use them, or what unexpected types of services will be needed. Product development and design of consumer digital devices is expensive and takes about 2 years."

Clearly, these researchers will need to change their approach. They should be out on the Internet crouching in the bushes and taking notes on what people are doing, and then determine new product development. In fact, these should be boom times for anthropologists. Surely, now is their time(!)

Spotting potentially large aggregate social behaviors and being the first to monetise them is going to be the name of the game in the consumer digital space."

Tags are fluid and temporary. They need a tagologist or a business development person that knows how to connect data to data and people to people!

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