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The 7 habits of highly effective PR blogs

A year ago, many people would have been hard pressed to describe a weblog, but today the impact of blogging is felt across our society. Whether it's the latest news leak, a new outlet for more traditional media, or a discussion about politics, technology, business trends, or a global occurrence, blogs are rapidly becoming an important part of online and in-person discourse. The fact is corporate blogs are finding a place in this growing online community.

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HBR Breakthrough Ideas for 2005

I've been reading through the Harvard Business Review "Breakthough Ideas for 2005" of which there are twenty of them, to find out if they have anything really new. Interestingly, the last one, "Don't Believe Everything You Read" is the best. Of course, some of the others were good, but nothing really new. In any case, you can find the list on their site, $6.00. I would give you the link, but those people have a problem with others linking to them. LOL Don't forget, there will be an entire book written about each one.

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Let's waste some time!

The days of slow change are over. In fact, the market place is moving faster than most businesses can adapt. Globalization, deregulation, transparency, aging boomers, and new communications methods are forcing businesses to adapt or perish.

How can you achieve muliple objectives under these conditions?

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Endless possibilities

To get ideas - engage the wisdom of crowds, in ways you've never imagined possible. You can see this idea in action on and

Kathy Sierra from creating passionate users blog remarks on "The wisdom of crowds" ..."the wisdom comes not from the consensus decision of the group, but from the aggregation of the ideas/thoughts/decisions of each individual in the group."

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