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A Real Open Internet

Terrorism, the Internet and Democracy
from Dan
is tireless in his efforts to save the world. Truly,
one guy making a difference and a mighty contribution in more ways than one
that I can only describe as WOW.

The Infrastructure of Democracy

Strengthening the Open Internet for a Safer World

I. The Internet is a foundation of democratic society
in the 21st century, because the core values of the Internet and democracy are
so closely aligned.

  1. The Internet is fundamentally about openness, participation, and freedom
    of expression for all -- increasing the diversity and reach of information
    and ideas.
  2. The Internet allows people to communicate and collaborate across borders
    and belief systems.
  3. The Internet unites families and cultures in diaspora; it connects people,
    helping them to form civil societies.
  4. The Internet can foster economic development by connecting people to information
    and markets.
  5. The Internet introduces new ideas and views to those who may be isolated
    and prone to political violence.
  6. The Internet is neither above nor below the law. The same legal principles
    that apply in the physical world also apply to human activities conducted
    over the Internet.

II. Decentralized systems -- the power of many -- can combat decentralized

Way to go Dan!