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Better ideas at work

Management's role in passionate users Posted by Kathy Sierra -headrushh. Kathy has a great post about absurd management policies that affect the way people do their jobs. As we introduce our enterprise blogging system to corp clients, many of the absurd policies (found in most companies) are getting challenged - in a good way: Bringing about changes that are knocking down the barriers that prevented employees, management, customers, et al from truly understanding what the real focus of the business was all about.

Another problem in organizations is the so-called domain expert that impedes progress simply by withholding ideas and information and shooting down ideas of those that are less qualified. Michael Pollock - Small Business Branding has a great post Forget: I'm The Expert. Think: I'm A Fellow User, " of those people who just gets in there and hangs out with everyone else - all the other users. He's an expert on many things, but if you read his blog, you'll see much of it is asking questions and stimulating debate rather than giving expert advice."

Even though I know a lot about enterprise blogging and implementing large scale systems - I ask myself "what can I learn from this experience" every day. I am always surprised because this simple approach opens my mind to new possibilities as well as the ability to listen to everyone.

What's more, for businesses to compete today requires not just the intelligence of the few but the many. Group Rethink, By Michael Fitzgerald - June 2005 is a post about the wisdom of crowds, the future of work, and using new technologies to connect people together.

Here's a little feedback from a business that is using Ideascape, "...users getting overwhelmed with new ideas and the "oh my God effect". I guess you could call it shock and awe since we were never able to connect the so-called dots in our (laughing) previous life."

Ideas are evrywhere!