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Jim Wilde Freelance Drupal Developer

Freelance Drupal Developer and Drupal solutions engineer - Open Source CMS, Site Planning, Drupal Module Development, Drupal Themes, Drupal Migration, and Implementation - SEO - Usability - Content Strategy - Business Problem Analysis

The secrets of Drupal!

drupal development
Freelance Drupal consulting in NYC and 
I started this business as a Drupal freelancer, 15 years ago, around the same time open source technologies started to gain popularity. I was fascinated by the power of it and the cool things that were coming out of it. I'm here because there is an abundance of quality OSS (open source software) available now, and I think it offers incredible opportunities. My history includes software and business development, and the creation of the open source CMS, Drupal,  was of particular interest to me because it allowed the non-techie to update and edit web content. The writable web had finally arrived!

Questions and answers about Website Redesign

As a freelance Drupal consultant, Drupal solutions engineer,  and business analyst, I have experience developing and rolling out strategic websites, Web 2.0 projects, online applications, social media tools, and Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS), and I have many more years experience in IT and business development.

My open source CMS preference and web application framework is Drupal. As a freelancer, I focus a lot on Drupal Module Development, Drupal theme development,  Drupal Consulting, and Drupal Implementation as well as on migrating and converting content from older websites, CMS's, or other sources to Drupal. With Drupal, selecting the right combination of modules and knowing when to add that special php glue-code to fill the gaps between them and how to make them all perform as expected is what produces a great Drupal site. One that delivers on the business requirements.

Cloud applications, Web sites, and intranet solutions:

  • cloud based applications, acquia, aws
  • websites and microsites
  • open source content management systems
  • e-comm (uber and commerce)
  • social shopping applications
  • interactive learning portals
  • API's
  • social media tools and publishing
  • collaborative tools - wikis/blogs/forums
  • community software applications
  • corporate social networks - intranets
  • blogging and microblogging

Training: Social Information Management (SIM), Social Media Tools, Content Management Systems (Drupal), and Search Engine Marketing and Optimization.


  • Information Architecture
  • API's
  • Sitemapping
  • Wireframing
  • Bootstarp 
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Photoshop
  • Drupal
  • Mediawiki
  • CiviCRM
  • Ubercart / Commerce
  • Memcache & APC
  • Varnish


drupal design



Recent Drupal Camps: DrupalCampNYC8drupal nyc consultingDesign4Drupal in Boston 2010

As a senior Drupal consultant, I've performed work on multiple levels: front-end ( drupal template design or themer 20% of the time), backend (drupal module developer 35%), and as a project manager (used AGILE as SDLC and SCRUM), a business analyst, and an implementer (45%).

What's an implementer? An implementer is a senior Drupal consultant that knows how to select and use the right combination of modules to build a site, knows when and how to write php code to fill the gaps between them, can troubleshoot a variety of Drupal site recipes - multimedia, social networking, brochure sites, etc., scales and tunes the site for performance, knows how to read between the lines to satisfy business and user requirements, and knows what the best practices are and how to make them work in Drupal. In other words, an implementer is a hybrid position that knows the technical side of Drupal, knows a lot about exportables and staging, and other technologies as well as having an understanding of business concepts, especially marketing and business development.

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