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Internet Trends 2009 - Web 2.0 Conference - Mary Meeker

Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker gives an excellent macro Internet presentation at Web 2.0 Summit each year. Internet trends and the economy - mobile impact on markets, retailers, advertising, e-comm.

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Social Media
Not Buying It - freegans

From the NY Times, "

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Future Trends - Map of the Decade - 2005
One of my regular reads comes out with this handy annual trend-watching too
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Creative Consumers are Everywhere

The guys over at Influx have a good piece on open innovation and getting the customer involved. It is a two-part series packed with great ideas.

"The rise of  the creative consumer (part one)  and (part two)  -  Consumers now have the opportunity to be more creative and participatory in the marketing, media and entertainment worlds, Influx thought it would make sense to catalog some of the stories, a short history, that highlights this trend and identifies a few examples of the opportunities that exist for consumers to participate.

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New Communications Forum continues to educate

My has is off to the people that contribute to

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