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The frugality generation?

"As a youngster (mid-twenties), this situation has taught me to be incredibly skeptical towards anyone peddling financial advice. I have, however, learned some rules for the future.

  1. Don't buy a house worth more than 3X your annual income. And try to amass 30% down, if possible first.
  2.  Don't think your bank/broker has your best interests at heart.
  3. Don't charge more on a credit card than you can pay off in a month.
  4. Don't expect your employer to actually give a damn about you.
  5. Being a good cook saves you tons of cash."

"The New Frugality: No Passing Fad", from the NYTIMES.

"...recessions have often been times of great innovation and invention when fortunes were made. We will recover in time."

Anyway, read the comments attached to the article -- there are many good ideas for any new or existing business.