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The problem = Smarter markets + chaos + complexity + time

"Influence and Be Influence-able"

Learn, Transform, Prosper

creates an open innovation platform where employees and stakeholders can discover and work together on shared goals to improve performance. An interactive net platform where more people, both inside and outside the business, can find and relate to each other on ideas. One where Employees, Clients, Customers, Vendors, Partners, Prospects, and Investors inspire and challenge each other on improving and sustaining the business. So, if you want ideas from people - Everywhere - Ideascape has everything you need to brainstorm, sketch, and develop ideas across the organization that will move people to implement them.

  • Ideascape is a platform for enterprise blogging, tagging, content management and more that we install and maintain for clients under a domain name of their choice.
  • Businesses use Ideascape as a tool to improve innovation, productivity, morale. We call that Ideascaping!
  • They pay for the use of Ideascape on a monthly subscription basis. 

the tipping point 

Ideascape delivers Interactive Publishing capabilities to non-technical people.

Ideascape has built-in heuristics, rules-of-thumb that make Idea Management, Open Innovation, and Working Together easier. Driving it all is a powerful Content Management System to help you control where (privately or publicly) and how (blogs, rss, books, forums, wikis, podcasts, static pages, and private messages) your ideas and stories are published on the Net.

Ideascape gives you tentacles to literally reach and be reachable around the world.

  • Since mind-boggling ideas are everywhere, both inside and outside your business, having a gigantic learning and development environment on the
    net makes it easy to discover, cultivate, and implement them, saving time, money, and even growing the business.
  • Do something. Publish those sizzling, anecdotal stories about your offerings, people, customers, and supporters to energize people to take action and to create greater awareness of what is important to them and the business.

This is skunk works stuff, not huge top-down systems that you install and then try to convince people to use. With Ideascape, Paybacks and ROI are fast and lasting.

Ideascape is browser based and requires no software installation, upgrades, maintenance or support on your part! We install the application under your domain name ( and manage it for you. No hassles! Call 973.433.4007 or email us now to learn more. Ideascape is built anlmost entriely on open source software, which means the software is free and that we charge for services.