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Lost Talent!

A Company Is Known By The People It Keeps, businesspundit - "Knowledge work should not be modeled after manufacturing work. Too many managers still don't get that." With social media technologies making it easier for anyone to publish their thoughts, ideas, etc. on the net, how long will it take before the jig is up on those companies that treat their people like shit? Not only is employee retention a problem but retiring boomers will create a real vacuum that will force businesses to change their lame practices.

Employee development critical for U.S. employers, from management issues - " According to Debra Cohen, Chief Knowledge Officer of SHRM, "employers need to work much harder if they are to head off a major exodus of institutional knowledge. Many employers feel that the knowledge, experience, and skills employees acquire in their day-to-day tasks is sufficient for developing talent," she said.

"However, with so many key employees positioned to retire in the near future, companies need to take formal steps to ensure smooth transitions and business continuity. When the talent and knowledge of retiring workers walks out the door, every organization needs to make sure they have others ready to fill the gaps."

With so many simple solutions - Ideascape is one of them - around, you'd think more organizations would be using group blogs to capture the wisdom and deep smarts of their senior people as well as every employee.

Kicking ass is more fun, posted by Kathy Sierra from headrush. So... how are you helping your users/customers/students/guests/visitors/clients/members/readers/[EMPLOYEES] kick ass? What are you teaching them? How are you helping them get past the painful parts and into the better-than-drugs flow state?

If I were a big employer, I would be scared since "Small is the new big", BuzzMachine, Jeff writes,  "In a world where most people are sick of their jobs -- be honest now -- this is big. There is no loyalty from employer to employee and given the chance to earn FU money, there will be no loyalty from employee to employer. We'll see more and more people trying to make it on their own and now more and more can."

Ideas are everywhere!