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The tipping point

People everywhere have mind-boggling ideas and compelling stories to tell. They want to improve themselves, their jobs, the world. We make it easy for people to give voice to their crazy ideas and to share their iridescent stories with others using enterprise web 2.0 and social software applications.

This is Open Innovation - What we've learned from the open-source movement and the blogospshere is that people want to contribute to endeavors of mutual benefit.

With web 2.0 and social software applications, we'll help create an open innovation platform where employees and stakeholders can discover their shared goals and work together to improve performance. It's an enterprise social software platform that allows people, both inside and outside the business, to connect, share and develop ideas. One where Employees, Clients, Customers, Vendors, Partners, Prospects, and Investors inspire and challenge each other to improve and grow the business. The tools enables you to not only gather ideas from across your organization, it provides you with the tools your people need to brainstorm, sketch, and develop ideas collaboratively. What better way to excite and motivate employees, clients, and others than to give them a forum to throw out their wishes, desires, and suggestions - for anything from benefits to products to service improvements - and let them help each other to develop those same ideas? This is the next wave in business communication - let's ride!

We've developed heuristics, rules-of-thumb that make Open Innovation, and Working Together easier. Driving it all is a powerful Web 2.0 Content/User Management System to help you control where (privately or publicly) and how (enterprise blogging, books, forums, wikis, podcasts, static pages, and messages) your ideas and stories are published.

Our solutions have tentacles to literally reach and be reachable around the world.

  • Since mind-boggling ideas are everywhere, both inside and outside your business, having an enterprise blogging platform on the net makes it easy to find, cultivate, and implement them, saving time, money, and even growing the business.

  • Do something. Publish those sizzling, anecdotal stories about your offerings, people, customers, and supporters to energize people to take action and to create greater awareness of what is important to them and the business.