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5 Business Goals Your Website Should Aim For

We've seen many business websites get lost in content about the business, caught up in graphics, and focused on how great they are. Many sites lose the business value proposition message altogether. Here are five questions to consider when planning your website or redesign to help keep you on track.

small to medium size buiness website goals

How will this website help us:

  • Strengthen our online presence, lower costs, and increase revenue?
  • Find new and better ways to satisfy the needs of our customers?
  • Expand our marketing reach?
  • Become more innovative?
  • Improve employee communication and productivity?

Don't get complacent about your website. Your competitors aren't.

Check out: Compare your site to your competitors or try this one Hitwise .

Web 2.0-Based Marketing Strategies for Small to Medium Businesses

From SCORE, Determine the Goals for Your Small Business Web Site