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Are you living or dying?

Ideas are EVERYWHERE. Smashing, mashing, trashing is what it's all about when you're creating, innovating, changing. You see it all over the place: blogs, services, products, businesses. What separates the remarkable from the bullshit? 

Seth, What Every Good Marketer Knows lays out a game plan for marketers but it applies to anybody (employees) that has an idea they want to get across to their boss or colleague.

Kathy from headrush expands on the idea and adds even more meaning (how-to's) in" They Want To Believe..." and in " Think... or be afraid."

Brand Autopsy, Good Marketing | Great Marketing, Has a quote from Philip Kotler … "Good marketing is partly a matter of following the rules. Great marketing often happens by breaking the rules."

I know, yyy, nobody cares or listens to your ideas, and you're lame. You're either busy living or you're busy dying. Pick one! Stand up straight, shoulders back, and act like you got some damn sense in your head because sooner or later you're dead.

In Decent Marketing, Inspiration Sans Cheese, "I read about these cool motivational posters designed by Right Brain Terrain. I checked them out, and I really, really like them."  [So do I, Katherine!]

FYI Beyond Bullets has a free web seminar Today about  "If you're interested in electrifying your audiences, increase the voltage of your conversation. That's the core message that Henry Boettinger described his 1969 book, Moving Mountains, which includes the best definition I've ever read about communication: "Presentation of ideas is conversation carried on at high voltage -- at once more dangerous and more powerful."

Get busy!  Do something, use your brain, don't follow the norm if the norm doesn't make sense anymore.  Break out, be original!