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Can you hear me now?

These three posts have similar ideas in that they all have valuable insights to the way we individually perceive events, ideas, markets, people, etc. and what we can learn from them. The fact that we are able to receive so many ideas from so many sources requires us all to open our minds. The pace is only getting faster and more complex.

Wonkette and "D", Paul Kedrosky -Infectious Greed Has a little snippet about an interview between Kara Swisher and Steve Jobs and then he has snippets from Ann Marie Cox (The Wonkette) about Steve Jobs' remarks about the "freedom of press."

Rick Segal writes about what we can learn from the net and blogging.  One talk - two perspectives - you decide , Rick Segal, "The fact that everybody has an agenda is not news. Today, we are being told about the new world of transparent communications. Hmm.. Bill Gates was interviewed at Tech Show by Walt Mossberg (of WSJ fame). Two people blogged what they heard."

"First, training. The Internet, blogging, etc, is giving everyone an amazing amount of training in a number of places MBA schools can only dream about. After reading both of these entries, you can start adding on individual agendas. Tim O'Reilly and Dan Gillmor are both pretty well known so you can add what you know, what you've seen, etc, and layer it on as you decide what's accurate, what's bias, what's whatever. It's not for me to tell you, it's an exercise for the reader."

The best idea is from Rick. "In my opinion, being able to read this kind of material with a critical eye, being fully aware of styles, history, agendas, etc, affords you training to make better decisions with data that is coming at you from all sides."

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing, Bruce Fryer, "Even if your "product" is pretty well defined, when you talk to people about it (be it whitepapers, through analysts, articles, customer talks, blogs.....), you find that they all come from different places and are interested in different things. It's the blind men and the elephant in reverse. Some people like trunks. Some people like legs. It's the same "product" but you really need to be listening to what they are interested in so you stay relevant to their part of the conversation."

Ideas are everywhere in all shapes and sizes - we need to listen both carefully and critically to make good decisions.