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"Enterprise Mashups Hurtle Toward Mainstream"

Enterprise Mashups Hurtle Toward Mainstream, eweek

"Many companies looking to cull data from multiple sources to help their employees do their jobs better are seeking mashups as an answer, said Anthony Bradley, a Gartner analyst, Sept. 21 at the Gartner Web Innovation Summit 2007 here.

...businesses are increasingly using mashups to improve workflow efficiencies at a time when knowledge workers are looking to get information faster. The major benefit of mashups is rapid application development.

Situational awareness, in which a user can grab data from multiple sources and manipulate it on the fly to make better decisions, is the killer mashup app. This type of implementation will pace an adoption cycle in which Gartner anticipates 30 percent of companies will use mashups within the next 12 months."

ideas for enterprise social network applicationsWe believe the ability to communicate and collaborate with people both inside and outside the company is a key business differentiator.

Many mashups are happening in the consumer IT (social networking applications and social media) space which provide all kinds of opportunities for businesses and organizations.

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