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The future of management?

As the need for knowledge workers increases, hopefully, business development managers will consider these innovative management ideas along with the new web 2.0 technologies (social networks and community applications) to implement them.

From Harvard Business review. "MANAGEMENT 2.0"Some of the ideas might be near to you... Lots of good comments.

What Does the Future of Management Look Like to You?

Gary Hamel Looking twenty years out into the future, what one characteristic of the "modern" industrial organization will appear to be the most antiquated or anachronistic?"

Here are some of them.

  • Centralized management structure will seem most antiquated as the speed of business will continue to accelerate companies that thrive will be unencumbered with the command/control ways of the past."
  • "The need for large, expensive & highly trained information technology departments will have disappeared because reliable, robust & highly configurable solutions will be available via the Internet." [social web applications or consumer IT]
  • "Structural characteristics---already we are seeing the dissolution of almost any defined form (certainly any fixed form) reflected in network analyses that illuminate the real, or necessary, paths of process flows and communications, and the essential ongoing art of ad hoc organization."
  • "Hierarchies with people called superiors will be perceived as antiquated given that most of the connections that are important to business (ie customer contact...) are in the hands of what we today imply are inferiors!"
  • "The hierarchical pyramidal organizational structure."
  • "Organizational hierarchy and the concomitant organizational control mechanisms that have accrued over the centuries will fade from the scene. Although it is always true that "one man can make a difference," the perception of leadership as a one-man show will give way to the idea of distributed leadership throughout the organization."