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Generation 'C' - C is for Content

Generation 'C' - C is for Content

Plenty of Room at the Bottom? Personal Digital Libraries and Collections Neil Beagrie


"People are capturing and storing an ever-increasing amount of digital information about or for themselves, including emails, documents, articles, portfolios of work, digital images, and audio and video recordings. Computer processing, storage, and software tools available to individuals are increasing in power, volume, and ease of use, year on year. Many issues arise from this more informal and increasingly empowered landscape of personal collection, dissemination, and digital memory, which will have major future impacts. This article provides a commentary on current research and emerging services in this area and discusses potential implications for individuals, libraries and their institutions."

The future is now with a domain
of oneness
for extra private stuff!

Objects to be shared

We have open social systems such as flickr for images, for text, and podcasts. Ideascape is similar to both Flickr and but remains under the control of its owner. So the owner, an organization, decides who has permissions to create/edit/view/tag content. What's more, Ideascape pulls in objects from flickr,, technorati and others to create a robust web of connections to compliment your digital story.

enterprise social software systems answer key questions

This incredible storyboard is from Dave Pollard's, How To Save The World project.  

What are permissioned social systems?

Think of it as your private live verse your public one. With all three social systems, Flickr,, and Ideascape you have the ability to store and tag content on a private and public basis.

So, in the context of the relationship between an employee and an organization, enterprise social software systems help both parties tell a digital story instead of relating to unconnected bits and pieces of information. In other words, we are connecting what an individual does with passion to the work they do. Far out, huh? Self ref, read Complexity theory meets spiderman.

What has heart and meaning for me? 

Who doesn't share their vacation, field trips, etc. photos with their co-workers? Have you ever been inspired by a Picasso? Ever been on a walkabout through a cool town just because your were curious about the people, shops, architecture, etc.? Have you ever wanted to share things you found on the web - bookmarks and tags? You gotta ask yourself, what has heart and meaning for me? We all win with your personal interests connected to what your employer is trying to achieve. Your work and play, those AHA moments, affects other people - get on with your digital story. Make the world a better place!