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Open Source Software Lessons for Business

For any person that is interested in developing a website or any piece of software for that matter, they need to check out the oss projects that are scattered all over the net. Check out the leading tags on to get started.

How Linux Could Overthrow Microsoft by Charles Ferguson, from Technology - " With some improvements, the open-source model could even become the dominant global production model for software."

Read what else is going about MS from Dan Gillmor on "More on Microsoft's Pay-to-Fix-Our-Mess Business Model".

Well, light my LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php)! Who would have thunk it that little ol' oss projects are displacing the software giants. Software is a service! The businesses that are using Ideascape are more interested in the so-called holes to hang their pictures on than in the drill that makes the holes. In other words, ideas are everywhere and they, clients, would rather be ideascaping instead of screwing around with software. In fact, there are many lessons for any business to learn from the oss community (Boston Consulting on OSS). From project management to innovation and operations.

Seth's New eBook is ready, should be your next stop.