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The Pathology of Business Bullshit

Bullshit doesn't work in the blogosphere. So how do you negotiate the terms of your own surrender when you screwed up or do you let the blogospsher do it for ya?. In the case of Ketchum, a PR Brand Management agency, they got b-slapped in an nyc sec by the blogosphere. These guys didn't learn much since they were just coming off of the Armstrong Williams mess. Huh, I wonder if they are advising the Press Secretary Scott McLellan these days.

Anyway, Jeneane Sessum has a great post, Mama PR, Don't Let Your Good Bloggers Get Away about the Ketchum screw-up in the blogosphere. " Does this mean that blogging makes me sick? Well, not blogging per se, but the twisting of blogspace by powerful non-participators who have not a clue what it means to be here--that makes me sick. The command-and-control oriented who don't know what it means to talk as people who happen to work in companies large and small, or for themselves, in the U.S., and globally, but as people first. Blog posers who use out terms like 'dialogue' and 'conversation' but don't understand what having one feels like. These folks make me spend my co-pay, and that gets me cranky."

The ketchum mishap really gets dissected with Ketchum’s blogging practice story strikes back by Constantin Basturea. Constantin investigates and nails down the story to what amounts to be a great case study on how a business should and shouldn't enter the blogosphere. Pay attention!

We've been singing this song for a long time but even today, most business, individuals too, don't get it.

Jeneane, "Ketchum may need to take a page from the Edelman playbook and engage the services of a real live blogger (like David is for Edelman), to play devil's advocate and put a hand up when it's time to call bullshit bullshit.

It's a lot less messy than letting the blogosphere play that role for you."

Hat tip, Dave Weinberger to the link on Jeneane. I don't normally follow PB blog but this a great story that any business can learn from.