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Social networking software gives business the blues.

Social Networking Software - Community Drivien Sites - Collaborative Tools

Creating communities, connecting people, sharing knowledge, capturing ideas, and spurring mashups scares the hell out of most organizations, businesses, and associations.

Risky stuff!

Be afraid! Community Driven Sites Are Unpredictable.

Do you really want to know what employees, customers, suppliers, users, stakeholders, et al., have to say? Do you really want all of these people connecting and sharing ideas, information, knowledge?

[...Tools that cast a wide net will capture open minds...]

These tools are powerful, situational, productive, and cheap (SaaS model). They can also be set up on intranets and dedicated servers. On the most basic level, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

[...productive and timely information...]

A social network platform pushes and pulls together the wisdom of diverse, independent groups to create - mashups - new contexts that shed light on problems. Social networks are messy and chaotic but generate new ideas, crazy connections, real solutions, more productive and timely information faster than you could ever achieve without one.