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Tools For Crowdsourcing, Consumer Recommendations and Predictions

"The best recommendation tools perform a balancing act: They connect to consumers' sense of individuality as well as their group identification. Similarly, the tools must come up with recommendations that stretch horizons with suggestions that are new and a bit surprising, yet not off-putting. Recommendation approaches vary in how much access to the "long tail" of niche or obscure products they provide. Most recommendation engines offer a balance of the familiar and the unexplored."

The above quote is from MIT Solan, "What People Want (and How to Predict It", By Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris. "Companies now have unprecedented access to data and sophisticated technology that can inform decisions as never before. How successful are they at helping forecast what customers want to watch, listen to and buy?"

Hey, we provide open-source social software, which is rich in recommnedations, voting, feedback, collaborative filtering, forcasting and many other ways to interact with consumers and businesses.