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The Business of Social Software - Social Networks - Twitter - Blogging admin Wed, 07/15/2009 - 09:57
New National CIO and Open Source Software admin Mon, 03/09/2009 - 08:22
Tools For Crowdsourcing, Consumer Recommendations and Predictions

"The best recommendation tools perform a balancing act: They connect to consu

admin Mon, 01/12/2009 - 04:52
Customer Defection - Disengaged Workforce, Employees - Clueless Management

I've strung together three posts that sum the dysfunctions of many organizati

admin Wed, 08/24/2005 - 05:38
Changing Times

Escapable Logic blog, Britt Blaser's post, The Packets Kept Flowing, " why the breathless amazement? The Economist's cover story last week broke the news that the Internet is now officially the vehicle for customer decision making:" "Media choice has exploded, and consumers select what they want from a far greater variety of sources–especially with a few clicks of a computer mouse. Thanks to the Internet, the consumer is finally seizing power."

admin Sun, 04/10/2005 - 12:11
Trying to make sense of blogs

As a sole proprietor of a fledgling business, I am always looking for new ways for clients to use our services. Of course, I try to read as much as possible in the blogsphere on new sales approaches and permission marketing to improve my chances of making this business fly.

admin Sun, 03/06/2005 - 12:04
Will some companies never learn?

An interesting post " Brandshift " on, Corante, by John Winsor. It is about and customer service. This is a situation where the left hand does not know what the right is doing.

admin Thu, 03/03/2005 - 12:00
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