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Drupal updates and tasks maintenance list

As a Drupal Developer & Consultant we build and support Drupal

As a Drupal developer and consultant, we perform these activities and tasks. Which ones do you need help with? 

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1. Drupal Coding and Development

Use Case Example Request
Debugging Assistance "I have an issue with a Drupal 8 module where the form isn't submitting properly. Can you help me debug it?"
Code Review "Can you review this PHP snippet for my Drupal module and suggest improvements for performance?"
API Integration Guidance "Provide a step-by-step guide on integrating a RESTful API into a Drupal 9 site."
Best Practices "What are the best practices for Drupal 9 theme development?"
Troubleshooting "My Drupal site is returning a 500 error after a recent update, what could be the causes?"

2. Drupal Module and Theme Customization

Use Case Example Request
Custom Module Development "How do I create a custom module in Drupal 9 to connect to an external database?"
Theme Modification "Guide me through creating a sub-theme in Drupal 9 based on Bartik."
Responsive Design Tips "What are some key considerations for making a Drupal theme responsive?"
Performance Optimization "How can I optimize the load time of a Drupal 8 website?"
Accessibility Compliance "What steps should I take to make my Drupal site ADA compliant?"

3. Drupal Data Management and Migration

Use Case Example Request
Database Migration "How do I migrate a MySQL database to a Drupal 9 site?"
Content Import Techniques "What's the best way to bulk import content into Drupal 8 from a CSV file?"
Backup Strategies "What are some effective backup strategies for Drupal sites?"
Data Modeling "How can I model a complex content structure in Drupal 9?"
Update and Deployment "What are the steps for safely updating a live Drupal site?"

4. Drupal Security and Compliance

Use Case Example Request
Security Best Practices "What are the top security practices for Drupal site maintenance?"
Module Security Review "Can you analyze the security implications of this custom Drupal module?"
GDPR Compliance "How do I ensure my Drupal site is GDPR compliant?"
SSL Implementation "Guide me through setting up SSL on a Drupal site."
User Role Management "How should I structure user roles and permissions for a secure Drupal site?"

5. Drupal Performance Optimization

Use Case Example Request
Caching Strategies "What caching strategies should I implement for a high-traffic Drupal site?"
Database Optimization "How can I optimize the database of a Drupal site for better performance?"
Code Profiling "Can you help me profile Drupal module performance and identify bottlenecks?"
Frontend Optimization "How can I reduce the load time of Drupal pages with heavy front-end content?"
Scalability Planning "What are the key considerations for scaling a Drupal site for increased traffic?"

6. Drupal Client Consulting and Communication

Use Case Example Request
Proposal Writing "Help me draft a proposal for a Drupal development project."
Technical Explanation "Explain Drupal's caching system in simple terms for a client."
Project Planning "What are key milestones in a Drupal website development project plan?"
Risk Management "How do I communicate potential risks in a Drupal project to a client?"
Client Training Material "Create a basic user guide for clients to manage their Drupal site."

7. Drupal Team Collaboration and Management

Use Case Example Request
Workflow Improvement "What are effective workflow tools for a Drupal development team?"
Code Collaboration "How can we efficiently manage version control with multiple developers on a Drupal project?"
Task Delegation "What is a good strategy for delegating tasks within a Drupal project team?"
Team Communication "Suggest best practices for maintaining effective communication in a remote Drupal development team."
Project Reporting "How do I create an effective progress report for a Drupal project?"

8. Drupal Learning and Skill Development

Use Case Example Request
New Features in Drupal "What are the new features in Drupal 9.3 that I should learn about?"
Advanced Coding Techniques "Show me advanced PHP coding techniques for Drupal module development."
Industry Trends "What are the current trends in Drupal development I should be aware of?"
Personal Skill Assessment "Evaluate my current Drupal skills and suggest areas for improvement."
Training Resources "Recommend comprehensive resources for advanced Drupal learning."

9. Drupal Troubleshooting and Support

Use Case Example Request
Site Audit "Perform a quick audit of my Drupal site and identify any major issues."
Error Resolution "My Drupal site is showing an 'unexpected error' message, how can I resolve it?"
Performance Issues "Why is my Drupal site suddenly very slow, and how can I fix it?"
Update Failures "The latest Drupal update failed, what steps should I take to recover the site?"
User Issues "A user is unable to login to my Drupal site, what could be the problem?"