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Consumer IT Delivering Corporate Productivity

  1. Better Customer Relationships,
  2. Improves Knowledge Management,
  3. Facilitates Recruiting and Retention,
  4. Increases Business Opportunities,
  5. Builds Community.

I finally get it - this stuff is too simple. What do you think?

"IT'S Recovering Complexaholics " from Computerworld

"If you're recovering from this addiction, you bring together a small skunk-works team of business and IT people and tell them to cast off all preconceptions. You give them time frames to deliver usable systems to business people within 30 to 90 days. You tell them everything is on the table, including things that have more in common with consumer IT than corporate IT. Under your guidance, they develop a strategy that relies on a collection of readily available IT components such as Web portals, dashboards and alerts, instant messaging and e-mail, data warehouses, spreadsheets, software-as-a-service offerings, and small programs that can be quickly coded, tested and put into production."