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Corporate social networks

With business social networking software - managers and employees now have a system for connecting informal interactions and discovering new information flows.

So, stop reading about social applications and collaboration tools. Unleash your imagination and start experimenting. The real power of social software can only be appreciated with hands-on experience. Consider a pilot project.

This article is From CIO, "5 Reasons to Deploy a Business Social Network".

  1. Social Networks Build Better Customer Relationships,
  2. Social Networks Improve Knowledge Management,
  3. Social Networks Facilitates Recruiting and Retention,
  4. Social Networks Increase Business Opportunities,
  5. Social Networks Build Community.

..And 3 Challenges Of Corporate Social Networks,

  1. Social Networks Can Be Time Intensive,
  2. Social Networks Mean Giving Up Some Control,
  3. Social Networks Challenge the Organization Chart.

"Why Should I Do Business with You?", from Harvard Business Review.

"How can any business expect to outperform the competition when its own employees can't explain simply and convincingly what makes them different from the competition? Gary Hamel, the influential strategy guru at the London Business School, makes the case that most companies, in most industries, suffer from a kind of tunnel vision: They chase the same opportunities that everyone else chases; they miss the same opportunities that everyone else misses."

ideas for corporate social networking and community software solutionsWe believe the ability to communicate and collaborate with people both inside and outside the company is a key business differentiator.

corporate social networking

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