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Chris Anderson (the longtail) interview about his upcoming book

Inside organizations, we have the longtail of ideas and information that needs to be connected to people, places, and things. The longtail, or maybe the edge, is where some of the best ideas originate to improve performance.  I haven't read a book in some time but Chris's new book about the longtail will certainly be one that motivates me enough to buy it and read it.

"Interview With Chris Anderson, Longtailier" from PSFK.

"When Chris Anderson, editor of Wired, started to write about the theory of the Longtail a couple of years ago it seemed to cause a satori-moment among readers - an 'a-ha' that compelled folk to spread the theory so much that today it has become part of the daily business lexicon. The theorysuggests that the fall in production and distribution costs, especially online, will allow companies to ignore product "hits" in the market and make money by targeting niches. Chris is about to release a book on the Longtail and we wanted to ask him not only to explain the theory further - but also his approach to promoting his book.

* We read an interesting story
about how a company that buys up spun-off brands that don't turn out to be hits for Unilever. Is this the Longtail in action? What does it say about a huge company like Unilever whose philosophy with product development is that new products must be a hit or they will be killed off?

Yes, that sounds like they're finding gold in the niches. I don't know enough about Unilever to critique their strategy. The Long Tail isn't for everyone, and there are plenty of companies that will continue to thrive focusing only on the mass market. My point is that's not the only market anymore: the mass market has been joined by a mass of niches. And that's a new opportunity for companies who can scale their economics down to reach it."

Bonus link from the with a podcast discussion with Chris Anderson(reg req).

The demand for everything

A discussion with Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Wired

“When the tools are spread ubiquitously, talent will rise out, luck will rise out, and being in the right place at the right time will rise out, and suddenly you will see the content just emerging whether it
meant to or not.”