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Resistant to Change

There are six externalities that bring about change. They are regulation, capital markets, competition, technology, globalization and customers. When any of these external contexts changes radically and the company is either unable or unwilling to change, it often results in failure.

Resistant to Change

Company success is very much like human behavior—a result of nature and nurture. But managers refuse to say that they were blessed from above, and so they take all the credit for themselves. They succeed as long as the environment doesn't’t change. The underlying theory is that many people in business succeed by accident and not by plan.

But, unfortunately, people end up believing what they will succeed forever, and they become resistant to change. They get locked into one paradigm or one way of life. Check out Learn, Change or Die.

The new normal Seth:

The only thing you can bet on is change. Find the cow and milk it. Almost all organizations spend their time and energy looking for security and stability. This is nonsense. The only security you have is in your personal brand and the projects you've done so far.

Here's a suggestion on what you can do to start developing YOU as a brand. It doesn't matter if you're self-employed or an employee: blogs, tagging, enterprise blogging, rss et., are here to stay.